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I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Tanzania, Africa in November 2015. I went to four parks, Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro & the Serengeti. All were beautiful and magical, but also very different from each other. My favorite was the Ngorongo Crater which is 3202 square miles, it is so beautiful and awe inspiring, just like a garden of eden. This is where I saw my first lion and I also saw black rhino here. The Serengeti is a very close second favorite, with its vast plains and large herds of animals, I was lucky enough to see all the animals I was hoping to see. I even stayed in two tent camps in the Serengeti, which was pretty scary the first night at the first tent camp, due to the lions & hyenas roaring all night long near my tent, I had to wear ear plugs ! My guide Gabby is very knowledgable and made the trip a lot of fun, he had to drive fast over the road ways in the parks, because of the constant washboards along the way, I renamed Gabby, Mario Andretti of the Serengeti haha.

Below are a few photos I took while in Tanzania. Contact me to purchase prints.

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